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Ejecting a disk in Mac OS X without a keyboard

Sure, I know what you're thinking... "when would I have to do that!?!"

Well, that's what I would have said until lately when this became an issue!

Right now, in the studio I am running a "samples only" slave machine without a monitor or keyboard, relying simply on Apple's built-in screen sharing feature to help me manage Kontakt on that machine.  All is going well until I decide to load another sample library onto the slave computer from some DVD-ROM's I have and I run into this issue!  Using the eject key on my main computer's keyboard does NOT translate "through" screen sharing to mean "eject the SLAVE MACHINE's optical drive".  Instead, it only ejects the master machine.  Oops!

After some searching around, I found that a feature DOES exist to create what is shown in the screen shot above - a way to eject the optical drive tray from the menu bar!

To set this up, simply navigate on your system to:

/System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras/

There will be a file in there called ""

Simply double-click this and presto!  You will have the option to click and eject!  Enjoy!