John Seguin

Techy | Musician | Info Geek

“John is a professional and it shows as soon as you start working with him. He was able to provide us with high quality sounds, tailor-made to fit our needs and achieve a soundscape that captivates the player and adds to the overall gaming experience.One thing I loved about him, were his long and extra-detailed e-mails where he described the process of coming up with a certain sound and why he chose to make it in that certain way. Communication using an instant messaging program was a breeze too. Even on a couple of instances that he got sick or had scheduled to go on vacation, he stayed in touch and provided us with the needed material.I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a job well done when it comes to sound design and I’ll certainly keep him in mind for our future projects!”
- Argiris Bendilas, Total Eclipse Game Studios, creator of “Bounty: Special Edition” and “Fashion Boutique”

“John’s musical composition is the first experience players have when they start Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa for the first time. Immediately, people are tapping their feet and getting into the spirit of the game. And on top of his excellent music and sound effects work, he’s a great pleasure to work with. I couldn’t have made a better decision than to go with SeguinSound for my music and sound needs.”
-Andy Schatz, Pocketwatch Games, creator of “Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa” and “Venture Arctic”

“John is a brilliant composer who has proven himself able to rise to any challenge I throw at him, and is an absolute joy to work with. He’s my first choice for any sound/music work, bar none.”
-Jon Frisby, Mr. Joy, creator of “Hordes of Orcs” and “Harmonic Convergence”

“John has been both very professional and easy to work with, both in his communication and his output. The sound quality was very high, and when I asked for a differently-encoded output file he quickly fulfilled my request. I would definitely ask him to participate in my future projects and recommend him to my peers, both in electronic entertainment and more-linear projects. Being able to communicate effectively and work together smoothly with a teammate is very important, and John has been a great team member.”
-Karl Becker, KB Productions, creator of “KTA Tennis” and “Fox Chase”